In this guide you will find step-by-step instructions on how to join the union organising the baristi of Stockfleths (and all other baristi in the greater Oslo area)

Start by clicking this link to get to the membership enrolment form!

Under (1) you fill in your national identity number or your D-number if you have yet to get a national identity number (fødselsnummer). The rest is pretty self-explanatory. It is important that the e-mail address and monile phone number you enter is checked regularity.

Under membership there are several categories to choose from. As long as you don’t earn more than 200,000 NOK per year, I suggest you go for the ordinary membership, as everything you pay will be refunded on your tax return! As a student (or any of the other) member you pay 250/semester (also refundable) but you will not be signed up for travel insurance… Basically, choose ordinary membership, and get all the perks for free. The monthly fee is 1.9 % of your salary, but as noted above, most/all of it will be deducted automatically on your tax returns.

As for branch name, it is your home branch, e.g. Lille Grensen, Prinsens Gate and so on.

Only ordinary membership fees can be automatically deducted by the Stockfleths administration, and we advise you to allow them to do so for a hassle-free membership. Students have a tendency to forget to pay their paper bill (…).

If you have previously been a member of any of the unions under the LO umbrella, note which one under (3) and finally click the enroll button.

You will then be transferred to a page looking similarly to this (sorry for the missing English screenshot), conforming your enrolment in the union. You will not get your confirmation email right away, as these are manually sent out every two weeks. However we would appreciate if you informed one of the shop stewards (tillitsvalgte) immediately, so they can share our secret tree house password with you (in the form of a secret Facebook-group).